Valley Gun club, one of the oldest if not the oldest Clay Target shooting club in the Western Cape, was formed in 1960 by a group of dedicated shooters. The initial ranges were at Daljosafat, Paarl and were utilised for five years. In 1965 VGC relocated to the Boland Bricks property in Suider Paarl. Early in 1997 Boland Bricks needed to extend their quarries into the range area.

Fortunately the landlord had done some forward planning which gave the club three years to find alternative accommodation. After much debate through 1997, it was decided that the club should purchase its own land. In November 1997, Paul de Villiers came across an unused section of a farm that met all requirements.

The farm belonged to the former Springbok rugby wing, Theunis Briers. In March 1988 Paul got a call from an estate agent who was acting on behalf of Mr Briers – the land was for sale !!

Raising the finance was the next big obstacle for the 120 odd members. The response from members was fantastic. Debentures were issued and the finance was sorted. The next obstacle was the re-zoning. This in itself had its problems. One of the neighbours was a chicken farmer and the other bred race horses – the club could not afford to lose its right to re-zoning. With the right amount of negation and I gather a few cases of fine Landskroon wine, permission was granted.

The construction began in earnest. The support from members was again overwhelming. Whether by donation or hard work Valley soon boasted an air conditioned clubhouse, 5 trap ranges two skeet ranges, one trench range and two sporting ranges. Trees were planted, irrigation installed – it had taken just three years to transform Valley from a small back water facility into a major clay target shooting venue. Valley has gone from strength to strength and we are thankful to our members who to this day some generously give of their time and resources.